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Calise's talent is amazing and obvious. The reading I had with her was exceptional. She hit so many nails on the head. - Keith, NY

The reading I had with Calise was truly insightful. She has quite a gift! - Raj, NY

I was blown away by Calise’s accuracy during the reading and the inspiration she brought to me for my future. Her energy is remarkable. - Dana, NY

I recently had my first reading with Calise, and was blown away. She was extremely accurate, I have recommended her to all my friends! - Kate, NY

22 Sep

Spirit Connections at Splash Salon

Thank you to everyone who came out to the September evening of A Night of Spirit Connections at Splash Salon in San Diego.  This was by far my favourite show to date, with a strong and positive energy in the room.  I had a lot of fun reading for everyone.  We experienced relatives, friends and pets connecting from the spirit world, bringing with them beautiful messages of healing, hope and upliftment.  The tickets sold out quickly once again, so if you weren't able to make it this time I look forward to seeing you at the next one!

20 Aug

Reading for Real Housewife of Beverly Hills - Eden Sassoon

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting and reading for former Real Housewife of Beverly Hills, Eden Sasson.  I’d never met her before, nor watched the series.  When I crossed paths with Eden in the greenroom of Calling Out with Susan Pinsky, my first impression of her was simply ‘the woman with the amazing hair’.  Eden and I were given strict instructions by the producers not to speak before the show which led to a series or hilarious almost-conversations where we had to keep cutting each other off, ‘We’re not supposed to speak!!”.  Shortly after we were ushered into the studio where we could finally relax.  I was hardly surprised to discover that she is the daughter of Vidal Sasson and heiress to the Sasson Empire.  Eden has a beautiful spirit and a love for pilates, positive thinking and healthy living.  You can listen to the reading here.  

18 May

An Evening with Spirit in New York City

Thanks to everyone who attended An Evening with Spirit in New York City.  This live show was sold out and the room was filled with energy.  Apryl Nicole and I delivered messages to the audience from relatives, friends - even pets in the spirit world!  Many of you received much needed closure and comfort which is what keeps me sharing this gift.  It was an awesome pleasure to read for a sold out crowd in my home city.  Stay tuned for future live show dates.

15 Jun

Calise Simone on Blog Talk Radio - Evolving Soul with MC

This week, together with Psychic Medium Apryl Nicole, I was a guest on The Evolving Soul Blog Talk Radio Show hosted by Melissa Cubillas (MC).  We had a lot of fun reading for callers live on the air and discussing our upcoming New York City event, 'An Evening with Spirit'.  Tickets for 'An Evening with Spirit' are currently on sale and can be purchased here:

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15 Apr

Reading for Kym Whitley

While passing through Los Angeles this month, I popped into the Calling Out Studio for another surprise celebrity reading.  This time it was for the hilarious Kym Whitley. Kym is an actress and comedian best known for her roles on Animal Practice, The Boondocks, Young & Hungry and The Parkers.  She has also guest starred on Married.. With Children, 2 Broke Girls, That's So Raven, Moesha and Curb Your Enthusiasm.  Kym voice-Skyped into the studio that day, so Psychic Medium Rebecca Fearing and I had absolutely no idea who we were reading for! We talked love, work and life path for Kym as well as connecting to her loved ones in Spirit.  Click on the links below to listen:

Calling Out on iTunes - Episode 120

Calling Out Blog

20 Feb

Reading for Ross Matthews and Anna Vocino

This week on Calling Out with Susan Pinsky, I had the pleasure of reading for Television Personality and Host Ross Matthews, aka. ‘Ross the Intern’ for those who watched 'The Tonight Show with Jay Leno' in the early 2000’s. Ross is currently the host of 'Hello Ross’ on ‘E!' and is a regular red carpet correspondent for numerous award shows as well as contributor to 'Live from E!' and 'Chelsea Lately'. Having not watched a lot of American Television growing up I was unfamiliar with Ross, but instantly taken by his open, loving, warm energy and light hearted self deprecating humor. While reading for Ross and his partner Salvador, the studio was treated to a delicious array of dishes by comedian and author of 'Eat Happy', Anna Vocino. I was lucky enough to take home a copy of her cook book and can’t wait to get started in the kitchen! Click the links below to listen.


Calling Out on iTunes - Episode 115

Calling Out Blog

10 Feb

Reading for Patricia and Rob Schneider

On another fun episode of the podcast Calling Out with Susan Pisnky, I was lucky enough to read for the Comedian, Actor, Screenwriter and Director Rob Schneider and his wife Patricia! As the show began I was curious as to why this guest kept cracking jokes during sound check but the producers were very careful not to reveal any information about him to me. Together up with Psychic Medium Apryl Nicole, I began to read and we brought through messages from spirit about Rob and Patricia's personal life, upcoming TV shows and relationship dynamics.  There were also visits from their loved ones in spirit.  You can listen to the episode here!

21 Nov

Reading for Jack Osbourne

I was delighted to be greeted by a British-accented friendly-looking gentleman when I Skyped into the Calling Out Podcast this week.  My first thought was "Ah! Someone who speaks the Queen's English!" I haven't followed reality TV for a long time, so I didn't recognize him until after the reading when his identity was revealed. I was honored and very suprised to be reading for someone I had grown up watching on TV (on 'The Osbournes').  During Jack's reading I communicated impressions about his upcoming TV projects and connected to one of his friends on the other side. Jack was very open to the process and talked about his new ghost hunting show 'The Haunted Highway'. Click the links below to listen: 

Calling Out on iTunes - Episode 105

Calling Out Blog

06 May

Third Eye Mind - New Podcast!

Third Eye Mind is a New Podcast hosted by comedian Caroline Moore, psychic medium Calise Simone and psychic medium Cindy Vega. In each episode the girls explore a different topic of the spiritual and supernatural sides of life and give readings to their callers and special guests.  For all the latest episodes subcribe today on iTunes:

18 Feb

Calise on Radiance Meditation Talk Show

Recently I was interviewed by spiritual enthusiast Kathy Koller for Radiance Talk Show on Cablevision.  There are three episodes in total in which I tell my story of how I discovered my abilities as a Medium and share Guided Meditations to meet your Spirit Guides and improve your Psychic Ability. 

The episodes aired live across New York and Connecticut in February and have since been viewed by people all over the world on YouTube!  I was delighted to receive emails and calls from people living as far away as South Africa, to say they had tried the meditations at home and had amazing experiences with spirit! Thank you for those inspiring responses.

Below are the YouTube links so you can try it at home. Happy Meditating!


Episode 1 - Calise Simone's Personal Journey

Episode 2 - Connecting to Your Spirit Guides

Episode 3 - Connecting to Your Psychic Abilities

15 Jan

2016 Predictions Show

To kick off the New Year, I Skyped in to the Calling Out with Susan Pinsky podcast to join Psychic Mediums Jerry Hoskey, Barbara Mackey and Jennifer Shaffer to discuss our predictions for 2016 including American Politics and World Affairs.  We were joined by TV personality Dr. Drew and his daughter Paulina Pinsky. Click here to check out what we had to say.

28 Dec

The People's Couch

I wasn’t sure what to expect this week when I Skyped into the Calling Out Podcast Playroom. Once the screen had loaded and the call connected, I was delighted to be met by three young gentlemen, so good looking they could be in a boy band! We got talking and I later discovered that I was reading for the truly delightful and hilarious Blake, Scott and Emerson of The People’s Couch. Together with the gifted Rebecca Fearing, I tuned into the boys' energy and (between barrels of laughter) confirmed many of their own intuitions on what was coming next. I unintentionally outed Emerson on his real age and also some upcoming career projects! These three gorgeous men are entertaining and talented. Certainly, ones to watch! Click here to listen.

20 Sep

LA Live Show With Psychic Rebel Colby

On Sunday, Sept 20, I joined forces with Psychic Rebel Colby for a live show, ‘Connecting Loved Ones’ at the Gateway Portal in Los Angeles. There was a strong spiritual energy in the room and a wonderful group of attendees came to participate. After an entertaining introduction from Colby, I stepped up to deliver messages from the spirit world. Colby was next and we finished with a double link that turned into three separate messages! Spirit was just bursting to get through. Thank you so much to everyone who came to the show. It was a pleasure to read for you.

17 Sep

Calling Out has Won an L.A. Music Award!

A big congratulations to ‘Calling Out’ host, Susan Pinsky, for being awarded ‘2015 Talk Show Host of the Year’ at the 25th Annual L.A. Music Awards. I attended the ceremony in Los Angeles along with Mediums; Jennifer Shaffer, Rebecca Fearing, Psychic Rebel Colby, ‘Calling Out’ Music Producer and American Idol star, Rayvon Owen, as well as Dr. Drew Pinsky and friend of the show, Ali Spagnola. It was a fun evening of laughter, glamour and celebration. Thanks to all the listeners for your ongoing love and support. Subscribe to iTunes for all the latest episodes!

08 Aug

Comedian Kevin Allison’s Reading with Calise Simone

Being a participant in the world of podcasts, I have become drawn into several series including Kevin Allison’s story-telling pod, ‘Risk!’. This collection of tales is definitely not for the faint hearted. I often listen to his shows while travelling. Imagine my surprise when I was fading off one evening and I suddenly heard the host, Kevin, talking about an intriguing reading he had with a Psychic in New York. “Wow,” I thought, “this psychic sounds really impressive...”, it wasn't until he went further to explain the context of the reading that I realised Kevin was talking about a reading he had with ME! You can hear the excerpt here. To download or subscribe to Kevin’s show, go to the ‘Risk!’ channel on iTunes and search for ‘Hush, Hush’.

18 Jul

Ali Spagnola

On July 18, I teamed up with Psychic Rebel Colby to read for Musical Comedian and Social Media Star, Ali Spagnola. Prior to this reading, I hadn’t met Ali nor had I heard of her work. But once the reading began, I quickly found out she’s one cool Cali chick! Ali went into the show a skeptic yet came out a believer, confirming many of our messages, both on air and (the more personal ones) off air. After the show, she tweeted that ‘@psychicrebel and @calisesimone BLEW MY MIND’. I loved her down to earth energy and had a great time working with Colby on this show! Join the fun and view more here! To download or subscribe to Calling Out click here

07 Jul

Crossing Over Spirits at 666 St. Nicholas

After hearing that ‘New York Strife’s’ Comedian, Caroline Moore, was unable to sleep at night and ‘seeing things’ in her bedroom, I went with ‘Calling Out’ host, Susan Pinsky, to go forth and investigate. We were both adequately spooked upon receiving the address, ‘666 St Nicholas Ave’! Caroline’s roommate, Chris, gave us a tour of the apartment and I quickly got to work cleansing the energy. Crossing over spirits is no mean feat as every spirit and their energy is different. With the help of several guides in the spirit world, I was able to locate and facilitate the crossing of a young girl who had been occupying Caroline’s bedroom. I have since been told the entire apartment is much calmer and Caroline is no longer ‘seeing things’ and sleeping through the night!

29 Apr

Calling Out - Cleansing Dr. Drew's Apartment

When Susan Pinsky (Dr. Drew's wife) informed me of the spiritual activity going on in her apartment, we both decided it was time for me to come in and conduct an energy cleansing.  

Joined by comedians Brain Scott McFadden, Kevin Allison and DJ FLO, Susan and I searched the apartment to pinpoint what was really going on.  The site of the 'haunted' energy was not where any of us expected!

I have since been told by Susan that the spooky occurances have ceased and order has been restored in the Dr. Drew household.  Her James-Bond esq home entertainment system is now running smoothly and all are sleeping soundly at night. 

Recording this podcast was one of the most hilariously fun experiences I've had in a very long time.  It is always a pleasure to work with Susan Pinsky and this time Brian and Kevin had the studio in stitches with their quick satirical witt and improvised stories while DJ Flo rocked the house with his great mixes.

Calling Out on I-tunes

Calling Out on SoundCloud

23 Apr

Reading for Nikki Glaser

I was lucky enough to cross paths with the highly entertaining Nikki Glaser last week on Calling Out with Susan Pinsky.  I had no idea who she was before the reading - but later discovered she's a comedian, podcaster and TV Host who has appeared on the Tonight show, Conan and MTV - to name a few.

We had a very entertaining afternoon discussing topics such as work, friendships, romantic relationships, Spanx and even how to talk your way out of a traffic ticket.  Always useful.

You can stream the podcast from the links below.  Happy listening!

Calling Out on I-tunes

Calling Out on SoundCloud 

19 Mar

Connecting With Spirit - Los Angeles

On March 19th, I took to the stage with Psychic Rebel Colby to deliver messages from loved ones in Spirit. The event was held at the LWISSD (Lisa Williams International School of Spiritual Development).  I opened the show giving some powerful messages as spirits stepped through to connect to their loved ones in the audience.  The spirits were animated that night! You can even see their presence in one of the pictures as a clear orb.  (Thanks to Rosa Raya for the photos!)

I was followed by a number of guest mediums from the LWISSD including Mary Boros, Ernie Zayat and Tracy Bowen. 

Psychic Rebel Colby was next, healing many with her powerful connections.  To close the show, Colby and I got together to double link for a woman in the audience who had lost her father.  As you can tell by the photos, Colby and I both picked up on the same attributes of his appearance at the same time. 

It was a special evening with very powerful messages.  A big thank you to all who came out!

28 Jan

Let's Talk Ghosts!

When I was asked to join Steve and Dan, hosts of "Let's Talk Ghosts", NY, for an interview, I was really excited.  

Listening to their podcasts is like living an R.L. Stein 'Goosebumps' novel.  In my interview, I offered a spiritual perspective on paranormal activity and shared some of my personal stories of mediumship. Have a listen below, Episode #129.  

Click here to listen - Episode #129

21 Jan

My Story: Interviewed by Maha Rose

Last weekend, I sat down with the lovely Elyssa Jakim from Maha Rose Healing Center in Brooklyn to tell my story of how I became a Psychic Medium.  Maha Rose is an authentic, converted loft-style Brooklyn apartment turned healing center.  Elyssa and I had an inspiring chat about spirituality, psychic mediums and how my journey began.  Below is a link to the full interview.

It’s very inspiring for me to be the catalyst : Exclusive Calise Simone Interview

15 Jan

Full Interview with Susan Pinsky - Serial Podcast

As promised, here's a link to the full unedited interview I did with Susan Pinksy discussing my impressions of the Serial Podcast.

Calise Discusses Serial Podcast w/Susan Pinksy (FULL INTERVIEW)

07 Jan

Serial: A Psychic's Impression

I wasn't at all suprised when I heard that Serial was the number one podcast right now. It is addictive.  When my good friend, Susan, sent me the link and encouraged me to have a listen, I'll admit I was a bit turned off by the words 'murder' and 'incarcerated' in her message. Neither of these words fit the uplifting, fluffy, light-working criteria my free time is normally made of.  Once I started listening though, I became a complete hermit powered purely by my iphone headphones. Even brushing my teeth became an excuse to power up 'one more episode'.  Sarah Koenig's reporting style is both professional and informative.  Without giving too much away, Serial is a podcast which looks into the murder of a young girl which happened in Baltimore, MD back in 1999.  Koenig picks apart the pieces of the investigation, prompting listeners to question many of the decisions made during this case, including that of the jury to convict 'Adnan', (a young man who was the boyfriend at the time of the girl who went missing). Long story short - if you haven't listened to it yet, you should. It's great.

Following my New Year listening binge, I joined the team from Calling Out Radio to give a psychic's impression of the case. Click here to have a listen to the Calling Out Podcast.

15 Oct

Back on Calling Out Radio

While I was in Salem, I was able to call in and re-join the cast of Calling Out radio in LA to do a psychic reading with Psychic Rebel Colby for special guest, Dr. Jena Kravitz.  As always it was a fun afternoon! Click here to listen. 

15 Sep

Calling out Radio with Susan Pinsky

While I was in LA in September for 'Evening of Spirit Messages' with Psychic Rebel Colby and Cindy Kaza, I was lucky enough to be invited to join the crew on Calling Out Radio to do live psychic readings at Sideshow Network Studios.  The show is hosted by the lovely Susan Pinsky, who each week delves into the world of psychics, clairvoyants, past lives and paranormal activity. This week, the cohost was pop-culture expert, radio host and producer, Samantha Schacher.  As you can tell by the pictures below, we had a lot of fun recording this episode.  Click here to listen!

06 Sep

An Evening of Spirit Messages

On Saturday, September 6th, I took to the stage with Psychic Rebel Colby and Medium Cindy Kaza for an Evening of Spirit messages in LA.  We joined together to bring forward messages directly from the audience's loved ones in spirit. I opened the show bringing forward several messages from the spirit world, including a set of twins who stepped forward to communicate with their mother. I was followed by the extremely talented Cindy Kaza, who also shared some very powerful messages and then the crowd favorite, LA based, Psychic Rebel Colby.  We closed the show by triple linking to the spirit world to provide an in depth message to one lucky audience member.  A big thank you to everyone who came out and helped make this event possible, including the Lisa Williams International School of Spiritual Development for hosting us. It was a fantastic night!